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About CMMI®

The Capability Maturity Model (CMMi®) is for projects or organizations that want to use common,
integrated, and improving processes for Systems and Software. It is a process improvement method that
provides a set of best practices that address productivity, performance, costs, and stakeholder
satisfaction. It is a collaborative effort to provide models for achieving product and process

CMMI® is designed so that it can be tailored to business goals set by your organization, unlike many
previous process improvement models. The built-in flexibility of the CMMI® provides you the
opportunity to choose areas providing biggest “bang for the buck.”

Promised Benefits of CMMI®

The CMMI® Product Suite is at the forefront of process improvement because it provides the latest best practices for product and service development and maintenance. CMMI® best practices enable organizations to do the following:

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Better incorporates engineering principles that are critical to software intensive systems

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Adds customer interface and addresses entire systems life cycle

Reduce training.png

Reduced training and assessment costs


More explicitly link management and engineering activities to their business objectives


More predictable adherence to budgets and schedules

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Incorporate lessons learned from additional areas of best practice (e.g., measurement, risk management, and supplier management etc.,)

Product Quality.png

Improved quality of delivered products and productivity

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