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isO / IEC 27001:2013 information security
Management System

About ISO/IEC 27001:2013

ISO27001 replaced the original standard, BS7799 and ISO27001:2013 being the latest revision of the standard. The standard is a long established information security standard. Strictly speaking, this is a de-facto specification for an ISMS (Information Security Management System)

ISO 27001 is the formal standard against which organizations may seek independent certification of their Information Security Management Systems (meaning their frameworks to design, implement, manage, maintain and enforce information security processes and controls systematically and consistently throughout the organizations).

Advantages of the ISO 27001 Standard

Just as ISO 9000 is a guarantee of quality, this standard constitutes a mark of confidence in a company's overall security. A number of authors have identified other benefits generated by the ISO 27001 standard, notably:

Mutual Confident between Partner.png

Increased mutual confidence between partners:

Increase Confdient.png

Provides level of confidence to trading partners and customers;

Privacy Practice.png

Improved privacy practices and compliance with privacy laws;

Faster Recovery.png

Faster and easier recovery from attack, and improved ability to survive disaster;

Better Manage Information.png

Better management of information security on a continual basis.

Security Weakness.png

Opportunity to identify and resolve security weaknesses;

COnfident in Manage risk.png

Provides confidence that you manage risk in your own security implementation;

Confidential Data.png

Better protection of confidential data;


Compliance with legal and contractual specifications;


Having an ISO ISMS is a differentiator in contract tenders;

Security Awareness.png

Enhances security awareness within an organization;

Prevent Hacker.png

Reduced risk of hacker attack;

Structure Org.png

A structured and internationally recognized methodology;

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